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  • Welcome to SMF

    Stockholm University Marine research Centre, SMF, promote and suppport marine research in the Baltic Sea. We are a connective point for all who work in the marine environmental field, we distribute information about the sea to a broad audience, and provide a marine field station and research vessels.

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    Photo: Askölaboratory

    Baltic Ecosystem
    Adaptive Management

    Baltic Ecosystem Adaptive Management, BEAM, is a five-year research programme (2010-2014) on ecosystem-based management of the Baltic Sea. Nine institutions at Stockholm University are involved in the programme, which is one of the externally funded Larger research projects at the University.

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    Photo: Askölaboratory


    Research and education

    The Askölaboratory in the archipeglago of Trosa, south of Stockholm, is the Baltic Propers’ only fieldstation. Marine fieldresearch and univerity education goes on all year round. Well-equipped laboratories and vessels are provided for advanced studies.

About SMF

A centre for the marine environment…

SMF was one of three marine centres established by the Swedish government 1989. Now our organisation is a part of Stockholm University, with connections to the regions’ marine environmental society, and a main focus on the Baltic Sea.

…with important national collaborators

SMF is one of four units that the Swedish Institute for the Marine Environment consist of. Together with the Universities of Umeå, Linnaeus and Gothenburg, we provide the Institute with access to a broad knowledge base.

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