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  • Baltic Ecosystem Adaptive Management, BEAM

    Baltic Ecosystem Adaptive Management, BEAM, is a five-year researchprogramme (2010-2014) on ecosystem-based management of the Baltic Sea. Given that the many problems of the Baltic Sea are so closely interconnected, interdisciplinary research that combines knowledge from different fields is necessary.

  • Programme summary

    Ecosystem-based management

    BEAM is a research programme on ecosystem-based management of the Baltic Sea that combines and integrates Stockholm University’s successful research on Baltic ecosystems, contaminants, natural resource management and ecological models for environmental management. It is a collaboration of nine research units at Stockholm University, supported by the resources of the Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre. The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute is an important national collaborator, as well as the ECOCHANGE programme, the joint Strategic Marine Environmental Research Programme on the Baltic Sea of Umeå and Linnaeus universities. Download and read the complete BEAM Research Application 2009.

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    BEAM research projects

    Focus areas

    There are five main research areas in the BEAM programme. Each of them will enhance the width of the programme which is of importance when producing a sustainable management for the Baltic Sea.

    Ecosystem functioning

    Nutrient enrichment

    Hazardous substances

    Laws and management

    Climate change

What’s new?

BEAM research summaries 2013

BEAM science has been conducted since 2010 and on the annual meeting held November 11, a summary of all on going projects were preseneted by the researchers. Read popular scientific summaries of six of the projects.
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Video series on the Ecology and Diversity of the Baltic Sea

This fall over 10 open seminars and lectures connected to the PhD-course: Ecology and diversity of the Baltic Sea were recorded on video to enable wider utilization.
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Approaches for estimating the upper ocean export of carbon and nitrogen

BEAM research has been published in ASLO, Limnology and Oceanography: Methods. The article assesses upper ocean carbon and nitrogen export fluxes on the boreal continental shelf.

BEAM research in BioScience

BEAM scientists have recently published the article; Modeling Social–Ecological Scenarios in Marine Systems in the latest issue of BioScience.
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En ekosystemansats för Östersjön

BEAM är ett femårigt forskningsprogram (2010-2014) om ekosystembaserad förvaltning av Östersjön. Tio institutioner vid Stockholms universitet ingår i programmet.

Funding and management structure

The BEAM programme is funded by the Swedish government, as part of its Strategic Research Initiative on Marine Environmental Research. It is led by seven senior scientist appointed by the Dean of the Faculty of Science, with meetings chaired by the programme coordinator, and is administered through the Stockholm University Marine Research Centre.

Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre

Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre is a co-ordinating organisation for marine research, education, environmental analysis and information. We work at the University campus and on our field station Askölaboratory. The Baltic Sea Centre administer the funds of BEAM and distribute them after the decisions made by the lead group.

Foto: Jerker Lokrantz/Azote